Julie Acosta - Artist
About Julie Acosta 
Julie Acosta (b. 1978, Santa Clara, California, United States), I am a member of the Jumano Tribe of West Texas. A recent Jr. College graduate with 3 degrees in the Studio Arts and Design fields, I am an experienced professional Artist with strong concept developmental skills. Highly detail oriented, I thrive on collaboration, change, and innovation. I am a painter, photographer, illustrator, graphic artist, and sculptor. I also create Indigenous beadwork. Currently, I am studying at UC Santa Cruz.

I have also spent over 20 years in the beauty industry. I own my own studio in the Rose Garden neighborhood of San Jose for several years. However, in 2020 I decided to eventually pursue my artistic passion as well and pursue my education

I am most inspired by the visual artist Frida Kahlo and the writer Maya Angelou because they were both incredibly strong women that used art to express their own struggles and realities. 
Support Indigenous Communities
The erasure of the true and real history of Native peoples through false narratives and myths promotes a continued lack of awareness and understanding by the American public, denying the brutal history of what was done to Native peoples over the last 400+ years.

Support and amplify the work of Indigenous creatives. Do not purchase fake Indigenous Art. Support local Indigenous Artists and Communities. Visit PowWows, buy from Indigenous Artists online or in-person. It is so important to seek out work created by Indigenous people.

Indigenous people are underrepresented and often misrepresented across the media landscape: In books, music, movies, and TV, we see very few Indigenous people. A lot of the existing representations of Indigenous Americans rely on harmful stereotypes and tired clichés, and there aren’t many mainstream examples of Indigenous people controlling their own narratives.